Lexus Introducing Mirrorless Car at Paris Motor Show

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Lexus Introducing Mirrorless Car at Paris Motor Show

Lexus Introducing Mirrorless Car at Paris Motor Show! Lexus is gearing up for a few big reveals at the Paris Motor Show including a mirrorless concept car (the UX), a Kinetic Seat, the refreshed Lexus IS, the new Lexus NX Sport Edition, and the LC. The name comes from an abbreviation of User Experience. Japan, where Lexus is headquartered, recently became one of the first nations to allow automakers to produce and sell mirrorless vehicles. The mirrorless cars rely on cameras to aid drivers in seeing behind and beside them, allowing for sleeker and more futuristic designs, and feed into screens inside the vehicle. Although specific details haven’t been released, the UX’s design is expected to be very different from previous models, with an extremely wide-bodied frame that is highly suspended off the ground and door handles placed in the center.

Lexus Introducing Mirrorless Car at Paris Motor ShowThe Kinetic Seat Concept is getting a lot of buzz for its innovative design, based on the way the human body operates. The spine stabilizes the movement of the head, allowing the pelvis and chest to rotate in opposite directions. The new Kinetic Seat Concept aims to recreate this mobility in car seats by better stabilizing the head, keeping the field of vision steady and improving ease of driving and comfort. This is achieved with a movable back rest and seat cushions that are designed to move kinetically with occupant weight and external forces. Spider-web pattern net seat “upholstery” extends out radially from the center of the back rest and is flexible enough to closely fit a variety of body shapes, dispersing the load and making it more comfortable to sit for prolonged periods. These threads are made from environmentally-conscious synthetic spider silk materials which is spun into a new material that offers outstanding shock absorbing properties. The center of the back rest is set a shoulder blade height, which induces rotational movement of the chest around the seat’s pivotal access, helping to better stabilize the head.

The Lexus Press Conference will take place on September 29 at 13:30 pm CEST at the Lexus stand in hall 4. Follow it in real time at

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