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Lexus Design Award Competition

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Do you have an innovative design you’d like to create, but need a little help? Apply for the Lexus Design Award for the chance to win some seed money and receive mentorship to bring your idea to life for Milan Design Week in April 2013. The theme of the Lexus Design Award 2012 is motion—a word and concept directly connected to people’s everyday lives.

The Lexus Design Award is aimed to provide an opportunity for the next generation of designers to work with a world-famous designer as a mentor to create prototypes of their designs. Through this initiative, Lexus hopes to contribute to nurturing and supporting creativity.

Under this award program, Lexus welcomes innovative design and calls for works that display a deep understanding of Lexus’ design philosophy, uniquely interpret concepts and provide original perspectives on and solutions to various issues of daily life. Lexus welcomes entries from designers in fields such as architecture, product design and fashion.

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The New 2013 Lexus LS F Sport

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Paddleshifters – Introducing the All-New 2013 LS F SPORT – Lexus TV Commercial

“Paddle Shifters,” features the all-new LS F SPORT and shows that people who don’t go quietly constantly seek bigger, better experiences. They’re not happy with the conventional. They do things faster, louder and more uniquely. Each time the LS F SPORT paddle shifter is hit the scene transitions and the music, sound and scenery gets louder and faster: a speed boat racing across the water, a stylish couple’s night out, friends cheering on their favorite team. By the end the action reaches a frenetic pace with people living life in 8th gear. The LS F SPORT is the car for those who enjoy a life well-lived, and don’t mind being noticed in the process.